– Save Big With Big Local Savings is a quality leader in the direct mail industry with nearly three-hundred franchises nationwide; Money Mailer services local business communities by helping them reach their entire customer base, with a targeted system for businesses enabling them to reach the three consumer segments with valuable targeted local advertising.

These consumer segments are the New Movers, Shoppers and Loyal Customers. You will find much more information about this site within the About Money Mailer section, where you will find their mission, Children’s Miracle Network, history, team, and press releases. There are other section such as Advertising Info, where you will be able to find local advertising information, national advertising and chain store advertising information. There is an Own A Franchise section, where you will find many categories, such as The Franchise Opportunity, Franchise Support, Franchise Training, Franchise Territories, and many other categories, where you can get qualified, read success stories, or look into the Discovery Day agenda.