– Religion And Other Topics was founded in order to praise God.

The founder’s aim is to finally build strong and godly homes by giving a statement of faith and many advices for becoming a better person. On the main page of the web site there are many charts containing diverse links. One of the charts features several links, such as: “women in church”, “prepare your children”, “the purpose of motherhood”, “great women of the Bible”, “having the love and peace of God”, “God’s secret treasure”, “the altar object lesson”, “avoiding temptation”, “interactive study on purity”, etc. Other chart includes links like: “stones in our lives”, “spiritual maturity”, “two followers”, “living on purpose”, “personal evaluations spiritual one a days”, “in my devotion time”, and many others. In addition, there is a whole section designated to marriage and courtship. This latter includes: the dating game, our daughter’s wedding, etc. And, there is also a section only for mothers that include a mother’s prayer, etc.