– A Marketplace for Moms is a website for mom’s to buy, sell, trade and connect on all sorts of baby, toddler, youth, and maternity items. This site allows moms to make and save some money on items related to their children.

Kids grow out of things very quickly and before you know it they are no longer of use. What better way to get these items off your hands that to offer them to other moms that want to economize?

With the way that the economy is going, moms are looking for ways to save money. Buying gently used items and finding excellent deals on things for a baby helps put money back in moms’ pockets.

Being a mommy friendly website is the goal of Not only will you find a space to buy and sell children’s items but also a place where moms can connect with each other on the site’s social network to plan playdates, meet other moms and soon to be moms, and chat in the forum on related parenting topics.

If you’re a mom this site will provide you with a space to share your thoughts and experiences as well as learn from other moms.