Misterseed.com – Mister Seed Community Website

By paying this site a visit you will be able to read the latest news about Kenyans in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Holland and many others.

Misterseed.com is a community website, that aims to bring together all Kenyans around the world. The website features a lot of sections that visitors can navigate, including Kenyans in Stockholm, Kenyans in Switzerland, Kenyans in Germany, and Kenyans in Holland.

Get a glance too at the Kenyans in South Africa, whispers from London, Kenya missions abroad, and Kenyan music online amongst many other resources.

Enter also the section dedicated to charities, as well as the weddings and obituaries sections, message board, singes, funny pictures, and also birthdays.

So, if you want to join this online community, simply set your browser to this portal for a better insight.