Minmu.Net – Manage Your Bookmark

Minmu.NetMinMu allows you to combine several URLs into one simple short URL page. This means you can link to several sites from an easy visual page.

With MinMu you can share many websites under a single small URL.

Users enter as many URL’s they like into the homepage, then next they are given their MinMu page which lists all of the sites as thumbnails, and also provides warnings if a site contains a virus.

MinMu is very useful for bloggers to share a massive list of sites, or for users to email a quick link to get access to many more.

When generating a MinMu page, you will be given 3 sets of links: your MinMu page link, your MinMu edit link, and your MinMu delete link.

Users might want to list all their favorite sites, and want to be discreet about them. That is why MinMu includes a delete link incase you no longer want your list of sites visible on the site.

Instead of cluttering your browser’s toolbar with tons of bookmarks, you can instead enter all the URLs into MinMU and generate only that link. Using this tool you can put the URL’s on your browser’s toolbar and still have spaces on it.