Mimisfeedback.com – Mimis Cafe Satisfaction Survey

If you have attended the Mimi’s Cafe in any location, you might have received an invitation to visit MimisFeedback.com. On this site you will find an online survey regarding your satisfaction as a guest in the restaurant. You just have to tell them about your most recent experience at this restaurant.

Have you eaten in the Mimi’s Cafe? Do you have any comment to make? If that is so, you could visit MimisFeedback.com and take their guest satisfaction survey. In that way you can give them your opinion about the service you have received. You just have to stop by MimisFeedback.com and type down the 9 digit number appearing on your invitation to start the survey.

To sum up, in case you received an invitation to visit MimisFeedback.com, you can take this guest satisfaction survey. Whether you are a regular costumer of the Mimi’s Cafe or just an occasional visitor, this site might worth a try.