– Michigan Labor Market Information is a site appealing to a large audience: policy makers, business people, employers, educators, researchers, and those who insist that the grass is greener over the fence and into Michigan.

In it you’ll find official statistics and report data on employment trends, salaries in diverse industries and businesses, and also about labor shortage. Michigan’s county and region-specific data can also be read online. The information is very extensive and diverse, which is why the tour to be found in the site is so helpful: it will allow users to discover different polls, census, indexes and other statistic instruments, what and how they measure and what they are usually used to describe. Once you’re familiarized with the different sources, you’re probably best advised to create an account with the site (for free), and start bookmarking your favorites, which will definitely make it easier to produce a report or get quick access to information you check periodically. A career center is also featured, and it allows users to better understand the state’s job market needs and strengths, and also to post their CV in order to allow businesses and recruiters to get in touch with local talent. In short, the site is very user friendly and is full of useful information: I’d be happy to see how my tax-money is being spent if I were to be paying them in Michigan.