Midcocomm.com – Midcontinent Communications

Midcocomm.comMidcomm.com is the official website of Midcontinent Communications, an American provider of cable TV, internet, and general telephony services for businesses and home users from the Dakota states as well as some communities in Minnesota and a few in Nebraska.

The company is headquartered in Sioux Falls and it serves more than 200.000 customers along 200 communities. On their website you can learn everything about them including their history and main services. All of them are listed and explained here with requirements, benefits, and price. All their latest news and press releases are posted here along with their upcoming events. If you are already a client you can pay your bills online. If you are not already one but you are planning to do so, you can check which services are available in your area by submitting your zip code. Finally, you can find all their contact information so you can contact their customer support team. Midcocomm.com