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Michaelholigan.comMichaelholigan.com is the official website of Michael Holigan and his TV shows.

For those of you who don’t know him, Michael Holigan is a home improvement expert who has hosted two TV shows. The first one was “Michael Holigan’s Your New House”, which completed 255 programs and ten seasons; it’s now syndicated. The second one is still on the air and it’s called “Your New House With Michael Holigan”; this TV show has been on the air for three season now and it’s on the Discovery Channel. At his website you can learn more about this home improvement expert and his TV shows. Also, you can have access to articles and guides on home improvement and home building. The websites features pictures and videos as well as an online store. Here you can buy online all the tools and products you need to carry on with your home improvement work. Michaelholigan.com