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MetaMedRetreats.comMetamorphosis Medical Retreats (MMR) is a North American based medical tourism company specializing in cosmetic and dental surgeries in Thailand.

This could be defined as Cosmetic Tourism, and the institution has a highly qualified staff of professionals that pay attention to every single detail about your health and your time in Thailand.

MMR is the first and only establishment in North America focusing exclusively on integrating fabulous vacations with high quality aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries. At the site you will find as much information as you may need in order to know the company’s background. Additionally, you can check the Yanhee hospital’s facilities, where all surgeries are conducted.

With the intention of sharing all these high quality services with as much people as possible, MMR has taken Medical Tourism to the next step and introduced Cosmetic Tourism to the world.

Now you can get a unique experience by getting to know a beautiful country and enjoy the services of a solid core of staff in both North America or in Asia.

This company offers a personalized service that makes its services to reach the highest standards of quality.