– They Make Your Reputation is a new solution created with the purpose of empowering your profile, by letting others to recommend and allow to be used as a reference for you.

Nowadays it is very important the way other people picture your profile. Now you can make sure that your professional life will experience the benefits of this tool.

The novel and very interesting thing about this solution, is the fact that you will be able to record recommendations and testimonials by other people in the market, or even at your business areas of expertise. In this way you can share them in a very professional way either with potential employers, customers, partners, or even employees.

It is positive for all these people to know who are they dealing with, as well as knowing who are they going to work for.

Now you can use MentionIn in order to be able to administer, distribute and validate them. You do not have to pay anything I order to sign in at this site, and if you are interested about these services, you will more information about how to edit a testimonial, as well as password recovery tools, etc. For more information click on