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MennoniteUsa.OrgMennoniteUsa.Org is the website for Mennonite Church of United States of America.

They are a part of the larger Christian expression called Anabaptism that means “baptized again”. Their identity is founded in 475 years of witness since the Reformation. This site provides information about its area conferences, ministries, its calendar, statements, its executive leadership ministries, important documents, resources, news on the church and its community, and much more. Mennonite Church USA is one of nearly 20 formally organized groups of Mennonites in North America that vary in lifestyle and religious practice but all stem from Anabaptist movement. They all hold common beliefs: Jesus Christ is central to worship and to everyday living; behavior is to follow his example; and the Bible is considered the inspired word of God. They are known for their peace stand, taken because they believe Jesus taught the way of peace, and for their strong commitment to community, interest in social issues. MennoniteUsa.Org