– Memory Diagnostic CD-ROM

Memtest86.comThis site is on the internet to promote software that will improve you computer’s memory. Memtest86 is a thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers.

The program’s advantages are many, and it was released into the market to fill a void of ineffective software of this kind. Unlike this test, BIOS based memory tests are a quick, cursory check, and often miss many of the failures that are detected by Memtest86. It was developed by Chris Brady with, and it has already some 14 years of existence. Through this site you’ll be able to access its latest version pre-installed and ready to use. The charged version includes an extensive user guide with simple step-by-step for using Memters86 to diagnose and troubleshoot PC memory problems. However, you can also access and download a free version. Development and distribution of Memtest86 is now funded and supported by BradyTech Inc.