search cancel – Medical Searches Made Supple“Innovative Medical Search” is the tagline of this new initiative, and that gives you a good indication of the provided services. In the most general terms possible, it can be said that this new search tool empowers healthcare professionals and anybody who has to conduct medical-oriented research to find pertinent results right away.


The technology in question takes into consideration a wide-ranging set of resources, including blogs and wikis. Duplicates are automatically removed, and (as it is fit) the results are presented by relevance, and ranked by the degree of correspondence.

It is also important to stress that those who wish to narrow results and look up specific information can do so via the featured “Advanced Search” option. In this case, the user can come across particular authors and titles, as well as setting down a given timeframe to contextualize the search.

Finally, the site includes links to other federated search research websites. If you found this one interesting, it is safe to say that these might provide you with the resources for a more realized search experience as a whole. In Their Own Words

“Mednar is a free, publicly available medical research site that uses advanced technology to return high quality results. We welcome your feedback and source suggestions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It enables any person to conduct medical searches and choose from a wide variety of sources in order to come across more accurate results.

Some Questions About

What is the exact definition of a “federated search”? How does it differ from traditional search processes?


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