– Miami’s Dade College

Mdc.eduHave you started researching your college yet? If you already are underway and fancy Miami as a destination, make sure you take a look at, homepage for Miami’s Dade College, which offers a catalogue of no less that 200 programs in the most diverse options, from liberal arts to medicine, and from interior design to Geology in different levels, including bachelor, technical and associate degrees; by visiting the site you can explore the academic catalogue in detail, learn what the degrees will allow you to do if you wish to go on studying, what the requirements are to start school, and in general everything you need to know when considering Dade College as your educational future, regardless of whether you live in the US or are an international student.

The site hosts an extensive institutional area devoted to presenting the history of the University, its staff and president plus lots of links to community information, including an events calendar of the college to be able to quickly visualize what campus life is all about.