– Where Kids Rule Their World is generated from research on what kids want as their internet site.

It is directed toward the tween market to provide an age appropriate and safe social network site for kids with activities they want. Using pre-screened online monitors to ensure user safety, the site integrates chat rooms, pictures, jokes, YouTube clips, with a point level system, users learn how to manage money and unlock new activities.

The site uses user submitted material within a pre-established guide. The guidelines include prohibiting the release of personal information, personally identifying pictures, or material that is harassing in any format. Users have the ability to earn hosting their own weekly program, serve as leaders, personalize their site, and direct the site to grow with the changing trends.

The site provides a platform for kids to express themselves. Parents are able to monitor their child’s content, amount of use, and participate to ensure their child’s safety. The site uses various programs to ensure user safety, promote anonymity, as well as teaches internet safety and awareness.