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MaxaNet.comIn case you are a traditional auctioneer, and you are looking for live auction software and other software for auctions, to manage your business online, might be an interesting site for you to visit. JBS Software is a company based in Emporium, Pennsylvania, that develops a wide array of software for auctions, including live auction software and auctioneer software among other software for auctions.


On this site you will find information about the company’s featured product, the MaxaNet, an online auction software and web content manager, designed to manage all aspects of conducting online auctions. Besides, this company offers the Naxa, a live auction software to manage live auctions online, by adding auctions, inventories and images to your website.

Would you like to do a live auction online, including inventories, images and online bidding systems to your auctioneer site? Are you in need for live auction software and other software for auctions? Then, feel free to stop by


Author : Mery Fisher

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