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Martinweiss.comAs a financial consultant Martin Weiss has a large trajectory. He has founded Weiss Research Inc and is chairman of the Weiss Group.

He and his co-workers provide investing information for both individual and business purposes. They also give data through many publications, newsletters, reports, books, and seminars. At the web site you will see different categories, such as: publications, charts and tools, education, communicate, etc. Whether you are willing to invest in your retirement, your children education or real estate, you should listen to some advices before actually put your money in stocks or bonds. For this reason, you can try taking a look to and check out their reports, comments, and tips. In case you require further information or help, you can try contacting them. On the education section, there are crash profits, investor’s glossary, ultimate safe money guide, product selection help, wise investor series, etc.