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ManheimGold.Com – The Gold Book Website

ManheimGold.ComIf you are a car-freak or even a car collector, if you look up you will understand what this site is all about. But, for us normal people, what is the Gold Book? It is the oldest publication in the world about collector car values.


The Gold Book’s database of collector car auction results and verified private transactions is the largest in the world. The site provides us with inside tips on how values are determined regarding the collector parts, so we don’t feel as lost as we normally would. The FAQ section gives us an insight on the car collector’s world, providing us with useful information. The energy on it is contagious I must say, because that section is written with such enthusiasm that it is difficult not to be hooked by it. The Museum section provides an entertainment resource for car fanatics, and the price guide section is sorted into parts and years, so it is easier to find what you are looking for and if it is sold near you. You might even enter this site, buy something and end up on The Gold Book yourself. ManheimGold.Com


Author : Bill Webb

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