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MaleBasics.comMaleBasics is a purveyor of men’s underwear and swimwear. Its online store can be found at MaleBasics.

com, and it is made up of different categories that will help you find the desired items in an effortless manner. These include “Athletic Underwear”, “Thongs & Locks”, “Swimwear” and “Sexy”. Moreover, there is a category where tank tops & T-shirts can be perused and eventually purchased. On the other hand, popular items are highlighted on the right-hand side of the main page. Some accessories like wallets are available as well. It is also possible to shop by brand, and some of the featured names include “Male Power”, “Clever” and “Joe Snyder”. Likewise, there is a section entitled “Items on Sale” that will be of great help if you have to keep an eye on your budget, as items that benefit from a massive markdown can be found therein. A toll free phone number is provided for customer support, and the shipping and handling policy that the company adheres to is described online.