Louisianasportsman.com – Louisiana Outdoor Magazine

Louisianasportsman.comLouisiana Sportsman Magazine is a publication that caters for outdoorsmen who live in said geographical area. Basically, the magazine is aimed at both hunters and fishers.

Fishing and hunting reports are provided, and cover topics such as the latest gear, along with articles about specific issues, such as the commencement of hunting seasons. Moreover, the magazine includes fishing and hunting guides, along with information on boat and ATV dealers. Likewise, there is information on fishing and hunting suppliers, along with contests for those that subscribe. Subscription can be done online, by means of following the corresponding link. Besides providing personal particulars, it is necessary to supply a valid card number. On the other hand, it is also possible to subscribe for a free monthly newsletter which combines information form the magazine and the website. The website also includes links to national weather sites, and links to pages featuring maps and information on winds forecast, along with temperature reports. Louisianasportsman.com