– Tools For A Happier Life is a personal website developed by a woman, in which she publishes stuff of her interest.

The difference between this website and other personal website is that this “stuff of interest” can certainly be interesting for other people apart from the webmaster. The site is interactive, easy-navigable, and has a large amount of resources, most of which are photos and subjective articles. At the homepage you’ll find the index of categories that will lead you to specific sections, such as Romance, Wallpapers, Giggle Soup, Flickr, and others. As you can see, topics treated are most varied, and you will find this woman’s opinion throughout the site. For example, if you enter the Romance section, you’ll access a long list of columns related to the laws of love, finding love, feeling distance, and other topics of heart that are rather discussable. If you like the site’s style you will certainly enjoy the featured screensavers and wallpapers, which are available in several categories and themes.