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Locanto.comThere number of worry factors for Craigslist are increasing, and is one of them, as it offers the exact same service in a much, much nicer interface, which to my opinion is a mighty good reason to switch classifieds service.


As is the case with the myriad of competitors, users can post and browse ads on this site for free, and have no limitations in regard to scope or variety of categories they can advertise in: search for anything from a job to investment/business partners, used cars, rental properties or any other thing you might be up to, by US city or in the national sites for countries around the world. I was thrilled to see that site displays not only searches for your specific query, but for related cities and categories as well. For instance, if you are looking for jobs in New York, you’ll get roughly 70% New York information, and 5% data on career opportunities in neighboring Richmond; the remaining percentage is Google ads with insufficient contrast to them, which I reckon can make the search process slightly confusing. I was hoping to find some form of seller/buyer prestige system like the one on eBay, a good ol’ (though perfectible) way to build a trustworthy business environment, which in turn makes a solid client base, a problem larger companies have faced, and definitely a concrete need we are seeing over and over again for the free classified market. Interestingly, this site allows RSS subscription to each of its categories, a simple yet thoughtful feature that make it more comfortable for its users.


Author : Steve Dixon

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