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LimaBeads.comBeads, being so small an object, are usually hard to find on small quantities for one of a couple of projects: if you do some googling you’ll see that most online stores will sell you packages including no less than several hundred pieces. This is one of the many reasons LimaBeads.

com is in a good position to compete, but there are others: their site design is very nice, they ship internationally and their catalogue is very ample and their search capabilities very flexible, as you can sort beads in each category by name, but most importantly by shape or color, so if you’re looking for a particular object you won’t have a hard time finding it. Another fav from the site is the very extensive information on size, as you can see the beads standing next to a ruler and to easily-identifiable real life objects. The best way to start shopping is to create and account in the site, as this will allow you to browse at leisure and bookmark most interesting pieces, so you can then go back and choose one or several. It also means that you can create your own ‘Fresh Pick’ mosaic where to mix and match different beads, pendants and accessories too, and which then get presented as project suggestions for other users, which is really great because it makes it possible to search by look or general palette instead of by individual bead; to look at the forest and not the tree, that is to say.