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com was originally found to talk about Corel WordPerfect Office; however, nowadays it’s possible to discuss other broader industry topics. Everybody knows how the Office suite has changed the computer industry that is why they decided to entirely dedicate a site to it. At the web site you will see three main sections: blogs, forums, and photos. Moreover, you can check recent posts, like: New Beta Booster – Word Processor, Flying Machines- Desktop Software and Web 2.0, what’s new in the release, etc. They are constantly updating all the information related to Corel WordPerfect Office, so if there’s something new, they won’t miss it. On the web site there is a section named “active” containing links, like: virtual directory list, general feedback, top five lists, complete package, etc. There is also a section for unanswered questions. Whether you require information on this technology or you want to be simply updated, join in and participate on this community.