Leavenworth.org – Your Next Family Vacation

Leavenworth.orgSpring time is in the air and the temperature is starting to climb back up. Guess what, it is time to think about that spring time or summer time get away to Europe.

Wait a minute, why not visit a Bavarian alpine village in beautiful Washington State instead and save a little money and be closer to home? Leavenworth, Washington is a unique destination. It was a former dying timber and rail town that reinvented itself into a Bavarian themed village. It is said that 2.5 million people come to visit the town annually. If that does not call your attention, then Leavenworth.org certainly will leave you wanting to explore the town this vacation or the next. The site is full of information and events for the town. Each month has its own list of activities. There are all kinds of information on the basics like food, lodging, and entertainment. Of course, there is also information on the climate, travel links, and directions. There is no limit to the attractions that Leavenworth has to offer. There is even a train to help you get around and enjoy the sites. More impressively, the city is engaging in a master plan that is sure to keep the charm of Leavenworth for years to come. Next vacation, check out Leavenworth.org and plan your own Bavarian adventure Leavenworth.org