Largest Golf Partner Networking Site in USA

What are the benefits to joining this remarkable website? Countless! But we won’t list them all but here are a few..

1. Playing golf even when your friends aren’t available.
Sometimes our friends just don’t have the time to golf except for once a week. This shouldn’t stop you from playing as often as you want. As a member of, you can find a partner in your area that plays at a similar skill level and rate of play. You no longer have to go to a course and jump on as a single, only to play with people no where near your level. Enjoy the game more with a compatible partner of your choosing.

2. Paying local member’s guest rates at golf course instead of tourist rates.
Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, getting a game of golf in can be an expense. As a member of you can meet members of golf courses in the area you are visiting and play with them at a guest rate, saving lots of money. There isn’t a need to pay huge tourist rates when you know a member of local golf course before your trip. Imagine visiting Las Vegas and paying $35-50 a round instead of $150-175. With the amount you save, you can play several rounds of golf and not just one.

3. Playing a private course you’ve always wanted to play.
Need we say more. You can find a member of a private club you’ve been yearning to play through Not only will you be able to play the course, you’ll get the added bonus of finding out more about the area from a local.

4. Finding golf partners of the same caliber as yourself to play a round with.
As a member of you have access to a steady stream of golfers locally and throughout the nation. You can persue the searchable database and find partners who have the same handicap as you, play at the same rate, and even work in a similar business. Not only will you be able to play golf with someone of the same level, but you can meet new business contacts. If you play it right, you might even be able to write off the round. Now you can enjoy a round of golf while making your boss happy!

5. Finding a great golf course to play and knowing their course conditions ahead of time.
It can be hard to predict the course conditions at a golf course across the country without being there. With the web blog, you can find out the conditions of a course before you book a round by asking a member of the course. Not only can you find out the conditions, you can even pick their brains on restaurants, bars, local activities, etc.

Meet new players that you can choose based on handicap, age, speed of play, occupation.

Play more often by having endless compatible people to play with.

Pay local rates and save hundreds of dollars by picking a partner who is a card member of the course or even a member of a private course you would never get a chance to play otherwise.

Network with other golfers based on business or occupation.

Improve your game by playing with lower handicappers.

Weblog on current conditions of courses and ask any questions about the area.

Golfpartners free Handicap Software allows you to establish and record your handicap.

And so much more. All on 1 site….join now and support this great service to the golf industry.

join now and support this great service to the golf industry.

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