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Larated.comAre you planning to go out in Los Angeles but have run out of options? Well, this is your perfect guide for entertainment. Larated.

com gives you the best recommendations so that you can have a great time with your friends. LA Rated brings you the honest and objective reviews of LA’s nightlife, restaurants, gentlemen’s clubs, and tanning. The site has the structure of a forum, so, at the homepage you will find a long list of reviews to scroll down. These reviews include many attractive shows and cultural options, such as opera, exclusive clubs, events, and other cool places. The site counts with other useful sections you can access on the left hand side of your screen, such as the LA Rated’s archives, stories, and a calendar of activities. You can also login and be part of the site’s team and contributing to an objective analysis of LA’s entertainment places. However, the site counts with a few resources, since it’s under construction.