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Kuhnsbros.comKuhnsbros.com is the website for the Kuhns Bros.

Log Homes Inc. Ever since this company was formed back in 1946, it was committed to providing its customers the best service. The company works in partnership with homebuyers to ensure their dreams and expectations are achieved. In this website you will find all the information you need to know about Kuhns Bros. Company and its services. There is a “products” page, where you will find the services they provide their customers with, like home care, material specifications, and more. For those who are interested in getting started, there is the “Getting Started” option, where you will find information about the manufacturing process and some answers to the most asked question, “how much can I afford?” For you to be able to afford your own-house dream there are some service and benefits you can take advantage of. You can also take a look at some plans and pictures that you will find in the Plans and Photos section. For further info, visit Kuhnsbros.com. Kuhnsbros.com