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Kpvi.comIf you are in Pocatello, Idaho, and tune in to Channel 6, you’ll be able to watch NBC’s KPVI, a local news channel. If however, you are not in Pocatello at the time being, you can still tune in to the station through the site: you won’t be able to watch any live streaming TV, but you will get a comprehensive selection of show’s highlights, which in turn means that you won’t have to put up with the commercials, so it might even be quite a good idea altogether to watch the news from this site and not from the TV.

There is an additional advantage to it, namely that you can create a playlist of the stories you are interested in, and watch them as a show, which seems a truly simple but good idea for news channels news sites, and one we can expect to become widespread too. Other than TV, visitors of this site will be able to take a look at text and pictures stories covering local news in several areas of interest, including community, health, weather, and sports. is also a good place to learn about road and school closures, and you can even subscribe to get mobile alerts for those topics.