– Wholesale DJ Equipment for Sale at Cheap Prices

Although KpoDJ is not a start-up company (we have been around since 2004), we have increased our sales 10 folds this past year. We are starting to increase in size dramatically.

It is like a start-up company because we haven’t advertised much at all in the past. We are just starting to do so now.

Why It Might Be A Killer

We provide service and sales like no other company. There are two parts to our company: DJ Equipment/Pro Audio Sales and DJ Services. Our DJ Equipment/Pro Audio Sales is what our website focuses on. We provide customers with expert advise and support, a completely free advertisement on our site (to help them make back the money that they spent with us), extremely fast shipping, friendly sales reps, and the absolute lowest prices on the market (without forcing the customer to go thru the hassle of ANY negotiating). Very unique. We give all customer a free login to the back end of our site to see the rock bottom prices we are allowed to sell any equipment for.