Koollage.com – snack-sized micromedia content for the iPhone

Small is HUGE – Good things come in small packages. The web is an enormous maze of unorganized content that is difficult to wade through.

Today’s “on-the-go” generation has shown a fascination for multi-media content that is brief, easy to navigate, and quickly “skimmable”. This is especially true for content accessible from mobile devices. Koollage (cool-ahj) addresses this need by delivering compelling multi-media content in the smallest, easily navigable, instantly sharable packages.

Koollage presents a refreshing, new and unique way for consumers to View, Share & Create summarized multimedia content packaged in compact, portable “pods”, viewable on web-enabled mobile devices (like the iPhone) and other small form factor windows (iPhone, Amazon Kindle etc). Each pod is a creative collage of images, videos, feeds, search results and other web or desktop content displayed as a sequence of “playable” frames. Viewers of pods can rapidly leaf through frames, skim summaries, add comments, rate content and share with others. Using cleverly designed integration with search, anyone can easily pull together photos, images, video, text and audio and author Koollage pods in minutes, even from mobile devices. Consumers can create pods working individually or in groups

Why Koollage.com It Might Be A Killer

The popularity of txting, Twitter and YouTube is evidence enough to show that people are addicted to content presented in short bursts and small viewing windows. With the iPhone spurring development for a much improved mobile browsing experience, and Google’s Android getting ready to change the game on mobile applications things are starting to fall in to place. iPhones alone are expected to top 10M in 2008. Koollage is at the convergence of both these trends: Koollage pods are ideal for today’s impatient, “on the go” generation to consume news, blogs, feeds and just about any other media-rich user generated content in small packages (celebrity news, movies, travel, recipes, personal profiles, …). As one example, any of the approximately 200M or so global bloggers can use Koollage to instantly mobilize and deliver their blogs as pods to iPhone viewers today. Koollage is the ideal platform for new bloggers to easily create stunning blogs in minutes.