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9 radio station. You can take advantage of the online version of this radio by browsing the categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are: Home, On-Air, Music, Rewards, Events, Fun, and Contact. The homepage is also subdivided in different sections including: Photos, Majic Features, On Demand, Morning Show, Weird News, The Tony Scott Show, Top 5 @ 9, Events, Top 20 On Demand, Majic News, Movie Reviews, and This Week On Demand. At the Home category you will find the current weather conditions and updated traffic report. Put your headset on and listen what is on air at the moment. In addition, while you are listening to the radio you can entertain yourself with some features that this website offers. Check out the Fun category that includes: Online Blackjack, Games, Arcade Games, Sudoku, Horoscopes, Movie Reviews, Ringtones, and more.