Klode.com – Auto Salvage Auction Company

Klode.comKlode.com is an auction site specialized in salvage, damaged or inoperable vehicles based in Colorado. The homepage displays a randomly chosen set of pictures of cars for sale, as a first glance shot of what you can find by navigating around the site. Items for sale can be reached by different criteria according to the list you choose. You can look at a list of oncoming sales in different cities, and on the other hand you can search the whole inventory for the vehicle you want. Another of the sections is the one that shows the special interest and hail unit deals. Trailers arealso available, and can be purchased on the site..

Each vehicle is shown with a good bunch of pictures; more precisely ten of them, which you can enlarge by clicking on each thumbnail. On the left hand part of your screen you will find the details of the car or truck, with the specified damage it has. Be careful, as Klode doesn’t sell car parts, so don’t waste your time if that is what you look for at this moment.

The auctions are held on Mondays at the Littleton facilities, whereas at the Wyoming, Montrose and Casper facilities, auctions take place on Fridays. To become a user of this site you need to register. This is done by filling in a form online, or by printing one and either faxing or mailing it. An initial registration fee of $150 is charged, and each annual renewal will cost you $75. The payment methods accepted are cash, cashiers’ checks, money orders and wire transfers.

Another of the links in the menu takes to a webpage where you can donate your car, for which Klode.com obtains no profit whatsoever, but you could file for a tax deduction in exchange for your donation, so take a look at it also. It may be the most convenient way for making space when you don’t need a vehicle any longer.

Klode.com In Their Own Words

Specializing in Salvage, Damaged and Inoperable Vehicles

Why Klode.com It Might Be A Killer

The auction service offered by Klode.com allows for people who are sure they don’t want to recover their damaged cars (or other vehicles) to get rid of them in a quick way.

Some Questions About Klode.com

Why isn’t their a detailed FAQ section for sellers as there is for bidders? Klode.com