– Gold Bullion Dealer Forum

Kitcomm.comKitco, you might know, is a precious metal bullion dealer, and is where you’ll be able to find their forum, which upon closer inspection, is clearly one of the core aspects of the whole exchange, as buyers and sellers from around the world join to discuss, request and provide information, trends and prices in the precious metal market.

If you are more inclined to jewelry as an investment, this forum will also be of interest. Anyone can come in and take a look at the threads and posts in the forums, but note that you must be a registered member to start posting, which in turn means that you must wait for a week between signing up and start enjoying posting rights; this seems like a really simple and sensible idea to discourage users asking repetitive questions over and over again, as it is clear that if you must shut up for a week, you’ll find something to do meanwhile, and probably read what other people have been saying is the most profitable of them.