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Keitor.comGaining access to online information is something that will keep on improving day by day and right until the end, because that is what the Internet is all about: communicating and sharing data among people who might be at either side of the world. What happens is that the kind of information we can access today has changed in nature from the kind of data that was formerly procurable.

In practice, that means every single development in search processes is either monumental in itself, or it can conduce to a monumental one.

In the case of this new search engine optimizer, I think that the latter is what holds true. But that doesn’t make the site any less interesting. You see, Keitor provides you with a mini-keyboard for inputting words into different alphabets. Some of the featured ones include Greek, Hebrew, Armenina, Turkish and Basque.

Again – this is nothing revolutionary, but it sure is effective. I am very interested in seeing where this can be taken from here, and which uses some of the big boys can find for it. In Their Own Words

“Improving Google : )”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who don’t have the relevant character maps installed will certainly find it useful.

Some Questions About

In which ways can this be maximized?