KathyGriffin.net – Learn Everything About Kathy Griffin

KathyGriffin.netWho hasn’t laughed their heads off watching Suddenly Susan? Well, this is the official site of one if its leading actresses; Kathy Griffin. The homepage has a nice design combining the strength of black with the exquisiteness of beige, in a certain way conveying the personality of the actress herself.

The layout is quite simple enabling the visitor to browse around easily encountering no problems at all. The main menu is displayed horizontally on the top of the page, and has all the information organized into categories such as forums, bio, press and more. On the right hand side you’ll find many links that will redirect you to related sites. Join the forums to share your fanatics, take a look at the latest pictures and even the fan snapshots, learn about her life, all in one site; KathyGriffin.net! KathyGriffin.net