Kaptions.com – More Than Image Sharing

Kaptions.com is an image sharing site for humorous pictures with an interactive and hilarious twist – caption voting.

Visitors vote on or suggest new Kaptions for each image. The most clever, funniest, or just plain best Kaption is displayed prominently under each image, and in several places on the site. Registered users contribute images and create what are known as ‘Kaption Kontests.’ Each Kontest includes a funny image and several user submitted Kaptions. Users have the option of voting for a caption, or suggesting an alternate. These are then displayed in the order of their popularity. Stats are kept and each user is able to review the popularity of their Kaption submissions, image uploads, and more. Image sharing is one of the most popular things to do online, and Kaptions adds a clever and unique twist, by turning a passive activity- viewing into an interactive activity. In addition Kaptions.com has tie-ins to many social networks and tools including Digg, Facebook, and Twitter. This lets users promote their new Kontests and drive traffic to the site, shortening the ‘feedback loop’ users experience after uploading a new image.