Kabroo.com – A Search Engine For Resumes

Kabroo.comKabroo is a search engine for resumes. It will let any company that is looking for fresh talent find it by merely providing a couple of keywords representative of the position that has to be filled.

And a site such as this one will also be of great aid to young people who just don’t know how to put a resume together. They will be able to see how the pros do it, and proceed to adapt the format and the overall tone to their very own needs.

In either case, after a search has been executed and the results are displayed you will be able to do a lot of things with them. For starters, you can email any resume that looks interesting to your colleagues/coworkers/friends. Also, you will be able to filter resumes according to their actual format. You can choose to have only MS Word or PDF resumes displayed. And you can also prioritize .EDU resumes if that is what you want.

Some points to be improved? Well, adding a list of categories is a must. And the same goes for adding location, experience and age filters. That would let users save a whole lot of time.

Kabroo.com In Their Own Words

“Organic resume search.”

Why Kabroo.com It Might Be A Killer

It will give employers a ready chance to add young and energetic personnel to their ranks.

Some Questions About Kabroo.com

Will more filters like the ones mentioned at the end of the review be eventually added? Kabroo.com