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K12studentinsurance.com is the online place for getting information about the K12 student insurance. K12 is a product of Health Special Risk (HSR), a corporation specialized in providing products in the accident, health and special risk market in the US.

HSR offers for example, insurance for boy scouts, camps and camping, traveling, and many other categories. Among these is included K12, of which K12insurance.com is the enrollment page. Although unexpected events can happen to anyone, children have probably less awareness of the harm that may result from some activities, as common as they may be like playing with their friends. Having insurance for your kids, then, may leave you at ease when something out of the plan happens.

You can choose from many different plans and coverage options, and the online enrollment will take a few minutes. To find out the different rates you can access to, you must choose your state from a drop-down menu and then pick the school district. Should you not find the school district to which you belong, it can be because there is no insurance for that area. The site suggests then that you contact your school or HSR at a provided phone number to find out details in order to solve your doubts.

If once you select the school district a message which says “No rates available!” appears, it probably means that your school has some insurance from HSR but it is not open for purchase by the general public.

It is really easy to find your way around the site. Three simple links show you the options at the top of the page, and you will select depending if you are a new comer in the site or a returning visitor. In this last case you will have an account already so you will just need to log on and maintain your student data or your insurance coverage.

K12studentinsurance.com In Their Own Words

Designed to be affordable, online enrollment in the health plan takes only minutes.

Why K12studentinsurance.com It Might Be A Killer

k12studentinsurance.com will help potential insurance beneficiaries find out everything about this service aimed at students.

Some Questions About K12studentinsurance.com

Is HSR the only provider of this kind of plans like K12 or are there other competitors?