Justluxe.com – A luxury portal

Justluxe.comJustluxe.com is a portal that covers luxury, the way we used to regard it in the 80s and early 90s: extravagance, high expenditure, jet set, yachts (the paramount of which is Donald Trump), as opposed to a more recent wave, that links luxury to offbeat, eco, Mediterranean, dreamy lifestyles (any star that vacations in a virgin island in Thailand or has a Villa in Tuscany can tell you about that).

In any case, the site informs on the kind of lifestyles we, mere mortals, are unlikely to ever enjoy, but of course the pleasure of peeking at what others can afford and do is always exhilarating. The site covers a wide range of topics, from vacation destinations, to fashion shows and museum exhibits, plus a series of highly specific reviews on yachts, jets and special club memberships. The site also carries a comprehensive archive of slideshows which generally portrait ‘the best of (spas, swimsuits, designer chairs, etc)’, and several exclusive videos, generally depicting vacation destinations. Happily, in order to read this magazine’s insightful articles you don’t need to register or subscribe, however a newsletter is available. Justluxe.com