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JumpTap.comJumpTap.com is a site that provides content publishers and advertisers with an extensive and simple mobile search environment.

At the site content publishers can take advantage of JumpTap’s services such as; to increase mobile site revenue, customize ads for their sites, track earnings, tap into a mobile advertiser’s network and show subscribers ads that they are interested in. On the other hand with JumpTap advertisers can reach a larger audience by tapping into a consumer base, influence people’s purchasing decisions by interacting and communicating with the consumer and make consumers buyers by directing consumers to sites and sales professionals. In addition, advertisers can use the Pay-per-click, Pay-per-call and the banner ads features that JumpTap provides to get better revenues. So with JumpTap’s features both content publishers and advertisers can tap into resources that will benefit them in a great way. JumpTap.com