– Find a Job must think of as the web portal that will guide you information about everything related to job searching in the United Kingdom. This main URL offers three different links to follow according to your needs.

In the first place, the Directgov link will take you to a complete page with search bars where you can look up openings related to your interests and education by simply entering a job description. But it is also possible to search by categories and by zone (within the UK, of course). In case you don’t have enough work experience yet, at the bottom of the page a link gives you the chance to look up for voluntary work opportunities. Although not that tempting right away, this kind of activity may give you some skills you would not acquire otherwise and some experience to invoke for future selection processes. A second link from the Directgov section gives you many tips on planning your job hunting, writing letters and CV’s, and a lot of other useful information.

If you are an employer you will find many advantages from using this site too. This is possible through the Business link section. If you need to find employees, you can publish your job vacancies online, and these will be available in the website. Many suggestions on how to improve various aspects at your company are there for you, for example how to take care of health and safety in your workplace, how to recruit people, or how to train your working team.

The third link takes you to the Department of Work and Pensions, the entity that is responsible for assisting the government in designing policies aimed at people in delicate social situations. In Their Own Words

Thousands of new jobs available every week. Information. Support. Compliance.

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In the UK working market finds all kind of resources for improving everything that has to do with finding job or quality employees.

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Does stands alone on the internet as a job related site for Britain?