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JobBite.comJobBite is a site where professionals can post reviews on their past and present employers. Users share info such as compensation, company culture, and their own personal work experiences.

JobBite is targeted at professionals and those in the early stages of their career. In Their Own Words

“JobBite is the easy way to discover and discuss what it’s like to work at different organizations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Have you ever worked somewhere that turned out to be different than what you expected? Maybe your job turned out much better or worse than you thought? It isn’t easy finding an organization that is the right fit culturally and otherwise. JobBite isn’t a place to complain but rather a place to share the pros, cons, and culture of your employer. Taking a new job is a big step and job seekers should not undertake this blindly. JobBite is a free guide so job seekers can make an educated decision. JobBite puts the power back in the hands of job seekers.

Some Questions About

If I’m looking for a job, wouldn’t it be more practical to read reviews about organizations only in my city? Organizations should be also arranged by location.