– A visit to Jefferson Parish

Jeffparish.netJefferson Parish is situated in Louisiana, and I can tell by the pictures in the website that it must be a beautiful place to live. If you are curious, you can check out one of the videos that are available at the site, or you can browse through the photo galleries.

The mission of this website is to improve the quality of life of Jefferson Parish inhabitants. This site displays all that might come in handy for the people who live there. You can find access to the websites and phone numbers off all the government related offices, such as the municipalities and the Parish council. There is also a list of website addresses of things that those who live in Jefferson Parish may need in their everyday lives. There you can find the Jefferson library site, a calendar of community affairs, and a link to Jefferson’s transit department. The site even includes information about what they should do in case of floods and hurricanes. They even designed evacuation routes that are available for you to see at the site.