Jaudible.com – True Stories From Around the World

We tell stories! We provide unique portal for people to see and hear true stories from the most fascinating people in the world. The site is www.

jaudible.com. Its objective? To serve as an online platform for individuals from all walks of life and locales to share their true life stories over the internet, and soon, television and radio. Unlike blogging, the stories are visually-captured on film using high-definition cameras, microphones, and professionally edited by a film crew to ensure a high level of quality is met with every video-story.

Why Jaudible.com It Might Be A Killer

Jaudible is extremely fascinating content. It provides a universally acceptable way of communicating, that is, through storiess.

Stories can connect the village chief in a remote Ugandan community to the local school teacher, or the young factory worker in Thailand to a single mother in London. One story we recently filmed was about a man from India who was attacked by a tiger in the Indian jungles but was saved in the nick of time by a charging elephant. Or someone else who was tackled outside of Walmart by an overzealous employee… Or maybe about the woman who tried to hide her toilet overflowing, considering all of her options out loud… It’s stories like this that can translate so well from a memory lost in time to an extraordinary experience caught in a story for all to hear.