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Japanator.comAll of you Anime lover out there are going to love this website. Japanator.


com is a website entirely devoted to Anime, where you can find lots of information, pictures, and wallpapers. The website is displayed as a blog, where all the latest news from the Anime world are displayed. Of course, each one the news can be commented, and some display images and videos. The website has different sections including Anime (of course), but also manga, cosplay, television, toys, music, games, fan art, otaku culture, and more. The website also features some online games, wallpapers, and podcasts, as well as forums where the whole anime lover community can gather to discuss different related topics. To get an idea of how popular the website is, since it was launched in 2006, it got almost 3 million visitors. Finally, of you want to contribute with the creator of the site, his contact info is posted here.


Author : Liam Gray

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