Jackfirstgun.com – Gun Dealer And Parts

Do you have an ancient rifle, shotgun or any kind of firearm and you need to find a hard to get spare part? If this is true, you just found the correct company to help you.

Jack First’s Gun Parts shop has been providing the gunsmith and gun owners with obsolete and hard to find parts for years. His business started when Jack first saw the need of one-day deliveries of parts. In those days, if you had to have your gun repaired, you would have to wait between 2 or 3 weeks just to see the parts arrive at the Gunsmith’s. That all changes when this business emerged.

The site offers information on the company and how to order parts. Also available is information on their staff who specialize in manufacturing obsolete and hard-to-get parts and add them to their stock daily.

If you wish to order a part make sure to order first Jack First’s parts catalog to make the process easier.