Izytu.com – Gadgets For Your Google Homepage

Izytu.comMany who have or work with computers in their home or jobs add as their homepage the site that they most use. This is to facilitate getting access to it so that they can work or make use of it every time the open the internet icon.

One of the most used sites in the internet nowadays is Google. This searcher provides numerous amounts of information and links to sites that everyone need whether it’s for study purposes, business or social purposes. Izytu.com presents us with gadgets that we can add to our Google homepage. With this site you can add many gadgets, some useful and some just for fun, that will enhance our homepage. For those who would like to look at interesting photographs and slideshows, this side provides you with gadgets such as Underwater Photo Slideshow, Baby Animal Photos, Interesting Photos of the Day, Baby Animals by Flickr, Most Interest Sunsets and a Slide show of Beaches. For those who would like to improve their searching experience, this site provides you with extra search engine bars of Wikipedia, Ebay and Overstock.com. Also this site provides with gadgets such as Random Movie Quotes and Health Tip Of the Day. If none of this gadgets call your attention, then maybe the MapQuest Driving Directions will, which by entering where you are and where you are going, this gadget will provide you with all the directions you need. Izytu.com