As I looked on the internet, I found several “prayer” sites. The gist being you submit a prayer request and people pray for you.

Simple enough, but not personal enough. How do you know if someone ever prays for your request? The answer is, you really don’t. So, wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone is actually praying over YOUR request? It was this idea that led to the creation of iWalkWithhim dot com

Here is the vision. Create a community of people to exchange prayer requests. But, once you have submitted your request you can “pray” for others requests to signify that you have prayed for them. In addition, you can leave comments for further words of encouragement and updates. In this way, you can login to the site and see how many people have prayed for your request(s). This makes it more personal and is a great motivator for us to pray over the needs of our family, friends and the lost. The content on the site is completely user driven. There is no edit/approval process. These are your requests as you want others to see them. All you have to do is create an account on the site (FREE) and start posting your requests.

We truly believe that God will do some amazing things through this site. May God receive all the honor, praise and glory for all things to come!

Why iWalkWithHim.com It Might Be A Killer

This site will be killer because it takes prayer sites to the next level by allowing users to see how many times their prayer request has been prayed for. It is this differentiation that will help to create a vibrant community.